UPDATE: Man Who Left Pit Puppy To Drown Sentenced To 1 Year In Prison

Updated Story 2/17/2020:

Not long ago we shared the disturbing story of an 8-month-old Pit Bull left to drown in a cage at rising tide in New Jersey. The puppy stood trapped partially under water for three hours until thankfully rescue came. The man who condemned the pup to this cruel fate has officially been sentenced after a jury convicted him in December of last year. He will serve 1 year in prison for his crimes.

Defendant Aaron Davis’ attorney Adamo Ferreira argued for his client to be sentenced to just the 44 days he already served since his arrest. He pointed to Davis’ role as a father and as a son to loving family members.

The sentencing judge, Judge Marc LeMieux referenced the fact that many people view their dogs as their children. Davis, by putting the puppy in the cage to drown, took a child away from a family as well. The judge also noted that rehoming the pup or returning him to police would have been a preferable option to torture.

“This dog was watching his own demise with every wave and every minute that passed… You took an animal that was completely helpless, locked him in a cage and put him in a location where he could drown.”

Davis declined to provide additional comment at his sentencing.

Don’t you worry: River (the growing pup) is doing great now! He has a family to love and freedom to roam outside any wires.



Original Story Below:

Sometimes there is unfathomable cruelty in the world, and our poor canine friends find themselves helplessly on the other end of it. Last summer, a Pit Bull puppy in New Jersey was left in a cage by the water’s edge during a rising tide. Thanks to a Good Samaritan, he barely made it out. At last, the man responsible for that cruelty will be forced to pay for his actions.

This past Thursday, a Monmouth County jury convicted 35-year-old Aaron Davis of the crime. He faces up to 18 months in prison and will be sentenced on Feb. 14th.

According to Prosecutors, Davis did this to get revenge against his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend who gave her the dog. Hm… I can think of a few better ways that don’t involve animal cruelty.


It’s been a little over a year since Davis left the then 10-month-old Puppy to drown. His cage was on a small sand bar between the rock bulkhead and the water. The rising tide had already begun to flood it. Jennifer Vaz and her dog out on a walk miraculously stumbled upon him just in the nick of time.

Vaz’s dog alerted her to something near the water’s edge. She followed her pup’s suggestion.

“When we got closer I heard the whimpering. When I looked down, I saw these eyes looking back at me — these cute little puppy eyes all shivered up and scared.”

Vaz climbed over the wall to get to the helpless puppy out of the cage. She put her other dog’s tags around his neck and brought the puppy in to the SPCA for treatment. She named the dog “River.”


Monmouth County Prosecutor Chris Gramiccioni confirmed to ABC7 that if Vaz hadn’t gotten to River right when she did, the dog would have drowned.

“High tide would have been at 10:30, and this crate to house this small dog was probably two and a half feet off the ground. The water was rising through the crate and just in a matter of less than an hour, River wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for Jennifer coming to take him out of the crate, saving his life.”


River didn’t deserve what he got, but he definitely deserves what he has now: happiness. You can at least rest easy knowing he is doing great with his new dog sibling and parents.

After rescuing him, Vaz fostered River for a while before eventually adopting him. He and his brother Boxer mix are spoiled with love and plenty of toys.


If you witness any acts of animal cruelty, report the information and any supporting evidence to your local police and humane society or animal control!


Featured Image: @MCProsecutors.Office/Facebook

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500 Female Dog Names That Start With A

I don’t know about you, but picking a name for a dog is a real challenge for me. With so many options it’s hard to know where to begin, let alone trying to come up with a bunch of name ideas on the spot.  Finding a name that sounds good and fits your dogs personality? It’s tough, and tougher still when you’re trying to find one the whole family will agree on.

So I decided to put together a list of female dog names starting with A to help you in your search for that perfect name for your new canine companion. Why names that start with A? Well one of my favorite ways of narrowing down the name search is by browsing through dog & baby name lists for inspiration.

Looking for names that start with A for your female dog? You’ve come to the right place. This list has 500 names to choose from, including a variety of classic and unique options . From Aaliyah to Azusa, here’s 500 female dog names that start with the letter A.

500 Female Dog Names That Start With A

Aaliyah Aarsi
Aba Abal
Abalina Abbeline
Abbey Abbo
Abby Abela
Abelia Abella
Abia Abida
Abigail Abila
Abina Abira
Abiri Abish
Abra Abriana
Abrielle Abril
Acadia Ada
Adair Adala
Adalee Adalia
Adalie Adalynn
Adama Adamina
Adana Adar
Adara Adda
Addie Addison
Addy Ade
Adeera Adela
Adelaide Adele
Adelia Adeline
Adelis Adeliza
Adelma Adelpha
Adelyn Aden
Adena Adi
Adia Adie
Adila Adima
Adina Adine
Aditi Adiva
Adley Ado
Adola Adona
Adonia Adora
Adore Adowa
Adra Adrah
Adri Adriana
Adrina Adva
Adwin Adzoa
Afri Afton
Agaja Agate
Agatha Agele
Aggie Agie
Agnes Agnola
Agota Agrata
Aida Aiden
Aidy Aija
Aiko Aila
Ailee Aileen
Ailis Aimee
Aina Ainsley
Airlea Aisha
Aislin Aja
Ajo Aju
Aka Akako
Akala Akasha
Akayla Aki
Akibe Akiko
Akili Akira
Akita Akiva
Akiyo Aknes
Aksi Aku
Akua Akuba
Akudo Akuna
Akuwa Alaina
Alaine Alais
Alamea Alana
Alandra Alanis
Alannah Alanza
Alaska Alayna
Alba Albany
Alberta Albi
Albia Albie
Albina Albine
Alcie Alcina
Alcine Alcott
Alda Aldea
Alden Aldene
Aldis Aldith
Aldora Alecia
Alena Alessa
Alessandra Aleta
Aletta Alex
Alexa Alexandra
Alexandria Alexia
Alexie Alexis
Alfie Alfonsa
Alfre Alfreda
Ali Aliah
Aliana Alice
Alie Alika
Alima Alina
Aline Alisa
Alisha Alison
Alita Aliza
Alize Alke
Alkina Alkira
Alla Allana
Alle Allegra
Allena Allerie
Allie Allma
Allona Allta
Allura Ally
Alma Almas
Amila Almira
Almita Alodie
Aloha Aloisa
Aloise Aloma
Alonza Alora
Alphie Alpina
Alsie Alta
Althea Altin
Alto Alula
Alura Alva
Alvira Alvit
Alysia Alyssa
Alzea Alzena
Alzira Ama
Amal Amalda
Amalisa Amanda
Amani Amar
Amara Amari
Amarit Amarli
Amata Amaya
Amba Ambelin
Amber Amberly
Ambra Ambre
Ameera Amelia
Amelie Amelina
Ameline Amena
Amerie Ami
Amia Amiah
Amiah Amica
Amie Amina
Aminah Amita
Amor Amora
Amory Armit
Amy Amya
Ana Anahi
Anais Anala
Analia Analisa
Analise Anara
Anastasia Anci
Andi Andora
Andra Andrea
Andrina Anelie
Anetta Anga
Angel Angelica
Angelina Angeline
Angelique Angie
Angil Ani
Ania Anice
Aniela Anika
Anima Anis
Anisa Anise
Anisha Anisi
Aniston Anita
Anitra Anja
Anji Anju
Anjuli Anka
Ann Anna
Annabelle Annele
Annette Annica
Annick Annie
Annik Annis
Annisa Annuska
Anoki Anora
Anouk Anoush
Ansa Ansley
Anthe Anthea
Antoinette Antonia
Anu Anya
Anzu Apia
Apolline Apple
Appollina Apria
April Aquila
Ara Arabella
Arah Araja
Aranya Arcana
Arcene Arden
Ardis Ardith
Arella Arene
Aretha Ari
Aria Ariana
Arie Ariel
Ariela Aries
Ariette Arij
Arina Aris
Arissa Ariza
Arizona Arla
Arlene Arley
Arlise Arliss
Arlo Armani
Armel Armela
Armida Armisa
Armona Arnita
Arona Arria
Arrie Arrow
Artemis Artis
Artrice Aruba
Arwen Ary
Arya Aryanna
Asa Asako
Aselma Ash
Asha Ashanti
Ashia Ashlea
Ashley Ashlyn
Ashra Ashton
Asia Asima
Asli Asma
Asmee Aspen
Asta Aster
Astera Asteria
Asti Astor
Astra Astrid
Astro Asya
Atala Atalie
Atara Atari
Athena Atia
Atlanta Atta
Arrie Aubra
Aubrey Aubrie
Auburn Audrey
Audri Audria
Audriana Audrina
August Augusta
Augustine Aura
Aurelia Aurelina
Auerelle Auri
Aurora Austra
Autumn Ava
Avalon Avani
Aveline Avena
Averil Avery
Aveza Aviana
Avie Avila
Avis Avita
Avivi Avrie
Avril Aya
Ayana Ayanna
Ayden Ayla
Aylin Aysha
Azalea Azalee
Azami Azar
Azelia Aziza
Azora Azra
Azriel Azul
Azula Azura
Azure Azusa

How Did You Decide On Your Last Dog’s Name?

How do you come up with dog name ideas? What inspired your last dog’s name? Do you browse through dog & baby name lists like me, or stick with a theme? Do you struggle finding a dog name the whole family agrees on? Let me know in the comments below.

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500 Female Dog Names That Start With A

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Formerly Missing Dog Rescued From Hoarding Situation Reunites With Person

At the end of January, authorities seized nearly 200 animals from a home in Montgomery County, Texas. They called it some of the worst conditions they’d ever seen. Among those rescues was a fluffy white dog named Wrangler.

Before this major rescue, Wrangler ‘s true person believed him missing. USAF Airman First Class Ryland Brown went away to San Antonio for military training in 2017 when Wrangler was just 6 months old. While he was gone, his ex gave the dog away. Brown could not return and look for him since he was on active duty, and eventually he assumed the dog lost.

“Honestly, I was devastated because he was my only dog. I’d spent every waking moment with him before I left for basic, you know I had pictures of him in my locker at basic.”

@Ryland Brown/Facebook

Eventually, Brown moved with the Air Force to Spokane, Washington. He never expected that nearly 3 years later he’d get a chance to see his boy again.

“I was just driving, and a text message popped up on my phone and it said your pet Wrangler Brown has been found by Jay,” Brown told KHOU.

A Valentine’s Day Reunion

Wrangler had become property of the state, Many Paws Volunteer Transport Team wrote on Facebook. While Brown worked out a way to get to Texas, local volunteers fought for Wrangler’s release.

“Wrangler became a special order that had to be drafted and signed off by the judge to be released to Lauren Bivens, Many Paws Volunteer Team Member. Thankfully the microchip was kept up to date and Ryland and Wrangler can be reunited at long last!!!”

@Ryland Brown/Facebook

Here we have yet another instance highlighting the value of microchipping your dogs! Who knows where Wrangler would have ended up if he couldn’t be traced back to his dad.

On Valentine’s Day, these two loves had a beautiful, long-awaited reunion. Wrangler is home!

@Ryland Brown/Facebook

A GoFundMe page Brown set up aims to raise money to cover Wrangler’s transport and for the people who helped bring the two back together.

“I want to raise money for the SPCA, ThisIsHouston, and Many Paws because they all deserve a huge recognition for all the work they do to save animals. And some of the fund for Wrangler so he can be spoiled like he deserves after being neglected for all that time.”

Remember to microchip your pups! You never know what miracles can happen.

H/T: Krem.com
Featured Image: @Ryland Brown/Facebook

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7 Wrinkly Dog Breeds That Will Steal Your Heart

wrinkly dog breeds

Do you love to wrap your fingers around rolly polly wrinkly puppy skin? Do folds and rolls send your cute-o-meter into overdrive? Does a wrinkle and crinkle on the nose of a pooch make you want to give it a smooch? Whether you are looking to adopt a roll-covered pup of your own or just want to rejoice in the cuteness that comes with wrinkly dog breeds, keep scrolling. This collection of adorably wrinkled dog breeds is for you!

See below for tips on the special grooming and care some wrinkly breeds require.

wrinkly dog breeds
Image style81 on Pixabay

# 1 – Chinese Shar Pei

When you think of wrinkly dog breeds, you think of the classic king or queen breed of rolls, the Chinese Shar Pei. This breed is positively covered in wrinkles from the nose to the toes. The wrinkles work their way down every inch of their legs all the way to their adorable toes. Their faces are a riot of wrinkles. They have backs that resemble tiny ripples of waves. There is no breed more wavy and wrinkly than the Shar Pei. Thinking about getting a Shar Pei? Here are some breed stats from the American Kennel Club.

  • Known to be loyal, independent and calm.
  • Grow to 18-20 inches tall and weigh 45-60 pounds.
  • Life expectancy of 8-12 years.

wrinkly dog breeds

#2 – Bulldog

Bulldogs are short, stout, and covered in wrinkles. They are one of the most popular of wrinkly dog breeds. One of the most adorable wrinkles on the Bulldog sits right atop his or her nose. The skin flops right over the nose giving the Bulldog an irresistible charm. If you plan to share a bed with your dog, beware. Bulldogs have a reputation for loud snoring. They can’t help it! Their snouts are short so they are prone to respiratory difficulties. The American Kennel Club says that Bulldogs:

  • Have a face that is the universal symbol of courage and tenacity.
  • Are friendly, courageous, and kind.
  • Stand 14-15 inches tall and tip the scales at 40-50 pounds.
  • Have a life expectancy of 8-10 years.

wrinkly dog breeds

#3 – Pug

Is there a breed that is as cute and full of spunk as the Pug? Pugs are known for their big personalities. They are also a fine example of wrinkly cuteness. Pugs are mischievous little creatures who are driven by the desire to love and be loved. No wonder they make such great companions! Pug faces are adorned with rolls and wrinkles. The chest and back are also prime spots for wrinkles, although they are a bit larger on those areas than on the face. They also have a twirly tail that further adds to their charm. The American Kennel Club has the following quick facts about this crowd-pleasing breed:

  • Charming, mischievous, loving.
  • Stand 10-13 inches tall and weigh 14-18 pounds.
  • Life expectancy of 13-15 years.

wrinkly dog breeds

#4 – Bloodhound

The Bloodhound shows off all of his or her wrinkles on the face, especially in the eyes. Their eyes are droopy and loose, emoting a wrinkly effect in and of themselves. It’s impossible to look at a Bloodhound and not be drawn right in by those endearing eyes. Their oversized and dangling ears add to the overall effect. They have famously loose jowls. When a Bloodhound drinks water and goes for a shake, watch out! It can be a messy situation. Bloodhounds make you want to reach out and snuggle them up. Hound dogs are revered for their sharp sense of smell and the Bloodhound is no exception. In fact, they are regarded as the best breed for finding lost people! They make excellent hunting and service dogs but are widely adopted into families as nonworking companions because of their gentle and loving nature. Fast American Kennel Club Facts:

  • Friendly, inquisitive, and independent.
  • Large dogs that grow from 23-27 inches tall and weigh 90-110 pounds.
  • Life expectancy of 10-12 years.

#5 – Neapolitan Mastiff

This breed has been intimidating potential invaders since Ancient times. They have historically been employed as guard dogs due to their imposing size and unique physical characteristics. Modern Neapolitan Mastiffs are weary of strangers but they are gentle and loving with known family members and friends. They are profusely wrinkly from head to toe. Drooping eyes, massive jowls, and leg rolls give them a distinct and adorable appearance. If you are looking for a sweet, giant, and wrinkly friend the Neapolitan Mastiff is for you. The American Kennel Club sized them up as:

  • Loyal, dignified, watchful.
  • Giant at 24-31 inches tall and 110-150 pounds.
  • Life expectancy of 7-9 years.

#6 – Dogue de Bordeaux

This loose-skinned large breed rose to popularity following the release of the 1989 Tom Hank’s film, Turner and Hooch. Their very large heads are delightfully wrinkled, particularly around the nose and eyes. They have huge necks with loose and rolling rolls that carry on to their tall backs. The Dogue de Bordeaux breed is the oldest French breed, predating the establishment of France itself. These gentle giants are wonderful companion dogs who will protect and love family members loyally. The American Kennel Club states that Dogue de Bordeaux dogs are:

  • Affectionate, loyal, courageous.
  • Very large at 23-27 inches tall and 99-110 pounds.
  • Expected to live 5-8 years.

#7 – French Bulldog

Frenchies are a very popular breed. Their hallmark wrinkled faces and bat-like ears make them super cute and hard to resist. The smaller stature and social nature of French Bulldogs makes the breed fairly portable for those who like to take their dogs everywhere they go. They make great companions in urban settings and are happy to trot around the city alongside their favorite human. They are adaptable and can figure out how to fit in, in any setting. Their steady temperament helps them adjust and settle in quickly, even in new and strange environments. The American Kennel club offers these quick stats about French Bulldogs:

  • Adaptable, playful, smart.
  • Stand 11-13 inches tall and weight up to 28 pounds.
  • Life expectancy of 10-12 years.

Tips for Caring for Your Wrinkly Dog

Having a wrinkly dog breed means you will always have rolls to sink your face into. It also means you will have to take special care of those rolls to avoid problems. Here’s the deal. Those wrinkles and folds that make your heart go pitter patter are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, yeast, and debris. Rolls are adorable. A funky smell coming from them? Not so cute.

Avoid skin infections, nasty odors, and discomfort for your dog by performing regular cleaning and care. How regular? Experts say daily is best. That being said, every dog is different. Some dogs are super sensitive and require daily cleaning. Others can get by with a cleaning a few times a week. The bottom line? Keep your pup’s wrinkles and folds dry and clean. Prevention is the best medicine!

  • Use baby or dog wipes to gently wipe inside folds and wrinkles.
  • Use a clean, damp washcloth if you prefer a more sustainable method.
  • For more stubborn or tight spaces, use a Q tip to remove dirt or build up.
  • Check for skin irritations such as redness, scaliness, sores, or smells.
  • See your vet if your dog has itchy, irritated, smelly, or broken skin between folds.

Wrinkled and rolled dog breeds are nature’s reminder that cuteness comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. As humans, we go to great lengths to keep our skin tight and wrinkle-free. Perhaps we can look to our adorably wrinkled companions to see that wrinkles can be desirable after all.

A cute wrinkly Bulldog puppy! Don’t you just love those wrinkles?

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5 Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots for Dancing

Stay Out on That Dance Floor

I know you’ve been there: out on the town with the intent of two-steppin’ all night. Yet, instead of tearing up the dance floor, you find yourself posted up by the second song because your feet are killing you.

What you wouldn’t give for a pair of boots that keep you looking great for a night out and can keep up with your moves!

That’s why I put together a list of comfy cowboy boots make it possible to spin, twist, and dip all night. Although some cost a pretty penny, the silver lining is they’ll last long enough to become a family heirloom you pass down to the next generation of dancers.

Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots for Dancing:

Chisos No. 3 (Style & Comfort)

Newer to the cowboy boot scene, Chisos No. 3 has unmatched comfort with a more elegant finish.

Chisos Boot Company (based right here in Texas!) combines the traditional methods of handcrafted cowboy boots with modern day insole technology. You’ll keep dancing all night with these boots!

Chisos is turning heads with their comfortable cowboy boots for dancing, brown brush off leather, and one-of-a-kind comfort insoles.

These stunning chocolate brown boots boast a unique tanning process that makes the leather incredibly soft with no break in period, so you can hit the dance floor as fast as… umm, some funny Texas joke about being fast!

Chisos #3 Cowboy Boot

Click to see this boot at Chisos

Fun Fact: The brown brush off leather starts almost black, then Chisos removes the top layer to expose a patina that is unique to every boot they produce.

Chisos has taken technology you usually see a performance athletic wear and created a handcrafted boot around their Comfort Insole System.

Not only are their products uber-comfortable, they’re ethically made in a small shop using only retired dairy cowhide (read: no calfskin). Best of all, the company gives a portion of top line revenue back to land conservation efforts.

What’s to love?

  • Comfort Insole System that feels more like a tennis shoe
  • Traditional handcrafted boots
  • Channel welt
  • 100% full leather heel counter
  • Soft leather (no breaking in)
  • Incredible durability

And guess what, gents?

Chisos makes equally comfortable cowboy boots for men. You and your cowgirl can dance the night away in matching square toe brown brush off boots when you pull on the Chisos No 2.


Click to see this boot at Chisos

Justin Guthrie Square Toe (Comfort)

The J-flex comfort system and rubber sole are (literally) foundational elements of the Guthrie Chocolate Square Toe Boot.

Built to last for years, the Justin brand is and equestrian favorite that’s known for comfort and quality. The boots come with a removable inserts that cushion your feet and help distribute impact.

Justin Guthrie Cowboy Boot

Click to see this boot at Amazon

What’s to love?

  • J-flex comfort system
  • Stabilization technology
  • Single stitch welt
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Leather sole for sliding across the dance floor

Click to learn more at Amazon

Lucchese Tori Hand Tooled Feather (Style)

Oh, the feather Lucchese! With a bit of a higher heel height, this cowboy boot brings head-turning style to the dance floor.

Not only do these boots have a quality leather outsole for long-lasting durability, they feature hand-braided pull straps and a beautiful hand-tooled leather feather.

Lucchese Feather Cowboy Boot

Click to see this boot at Amazon

A lightly cushioned leather insole means you’ll enjoy all-day (and all-night) comfort.

After you break them in a little, the leather wild mold to the contours of your foot, personalizing the fit. And, as always, they’re made with a rolled and pegged shank and lemon wood pegs for arch support. 

What’s to love?

  • S5 toe design
  • Stylish feathered design
  • Durable enough for daily wear
  • Cushioned with arch support

Click to learn more at Amazon

Tin Haul Mish and Mash (Design)

The loud and proud Tin Haul Mish and Mash Boots are truly works of art! Add some glitz and glam to your night out with metallic tones and brand-exclusive sole imagery.

The walking heel is great for comfort, and they have cushioned insoles. 

Tin Haul Mish Mash Cowboy Boot

Click to see this boot at State Line Tack

And don’t worry: these boots are still slick enough to slide around the dance floor.

What’s to love?

  • Metallic copper and silver triangle patchwork design
  • 13″ Metallic copper shaft
  • Cushioned insole
  • Premium leather lining
  • Transparent obvious

Click to learn more at State Line Tack

Finding the Perfect Fit

For dancing, perhaps even more than walking around all day, flexibility and bend are critical — especially on the ball of your foot.

Your ideal boots will have long-lasting cushion, but that doesn’t mean it has to be super thick. After all, it’s not like you’re going to run marathons in your two-steppers!

Boot Fitting Tips:

  1. Ensure your foot feels snug but not tight. The heel, however, should slip around a little when you get new boots. Once they’re broken in, the boot leather will become soft and conform to your foot so the heels stabilizes.
  2. Confirm the ball of your foot sits in the widest part of the boot so you don’t get squashed toes.
  3. The boot instep should fit more snugly over the top of your foot than a typical tennis shoe instep.

Spin, Twirl, and Stomp!

Don’t let fun times with your friends be cut short by painful cowboy boots. These comfy cowboy boots help your feet stay happy and you stay out on the dance floor until last call. 

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Dedicated Dog Dad Is Cashing Out His 401K To Pay For Dog’s Open Heart Surgery

heart surgery cover

Jason Garrett understands that you cannot put a price on the love of a dog. When his beloved companion was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition, he knew there was no amount of money that could prevent him from finding a way to save his best pal.

Jason’s 12-year-old miniature Schnauzer, Lola, was recently diagnosed with a heart condition called Mitral Valve Disease after she experienced a terrifying fainting spell. As explained in his recent YouTube video, this condition affects the heart’s ability to function, giving Lola maybe 9 months to live. Even with an aggressive treatment plan of daily cardiac medications, this would only be a temporary fix.


Understandably, Jason was devastated at the thought of having 9 short months left with his best friend. While dealing with debilitating depression and bipolar disorder, Lola had been his saving grace for as long as he can remember.

“Lola has undoubtedly saved my life countless times. As you can imagine I would do absolutely anything to save her.” – Jason

In the wake of Lola’s diagnosis, Jason set out to research any possible solution that could offer him more time with his furry best friend. In his search he discovered a surgery being performed in Japan by a Dr. Masami Uechi, that involves a specialized approach that only he and a select few doctors are able to perform. Because this surgery is so specialized and only performed by a select few doctors, it’s incredibly expensive – $45,000 to be exact.


“I’ve already cashed out my 401K and using every penny of my savings, and I’m also looking into selling my car if need be.” – Jason

During his search, Jason also reached out to Nate Estes, the president of the Mighty Hearts Project. The Mighty Hearts project is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope, education, and support to parents of dogs with Mitral Valve Disease, and those wishing to seek mitral valve repair surgery. Their goal is to offer them the guidance they need to seek helpful information, along with setting them up with veterinarians that are capable of providing some sort of reparative surgery.


“What was once considered only a palliative prognosis, surgical intervention to repair the mitral valve and heart chords is now possible.”

Due to the short time span that Lola was given in her prognosis and the long waiting list at other facilities looking to perform this specialized surgery, Nate Estes agrees that the surgical center in Japan is Lola’s best chance at recovery. Jason has since created a GoFundMe page in Lola’s honor to help raise the money for this life-saving procedure, and hopefully offer her a future she wouldn’t have otherwise.

If you’d like to follow Lola’s journey to her life-saving surgery in japan, you can follow her on her personal Instagram page @lolasjourney2020. We are so impressed with Jason’s dedication to his beloved fur baby, and can’t wait to watch Lola make a full recovery!

H/T: people.com
Image Source: Lolasjourney2020/Instagram

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Warning: Distemper on the Rise in California

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has issued a warning. Canine distemper is on the rise among the state’s wildlife population. The highly contagious and frequently fatal disease can easily spread to canines. People with dogs are urged to make sure that distemper vaccinations are up to date. 

Which Animals are Affected

Canine distemper is a virus that does not only infect canines. It can be spread to a wide range of carnivores but gray foxes, raccoons, and skunks are the most commonly infected wildlife species. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) recommend that people become more vigilant about keeping their animals away from wildlife as any contact could lead to infection in an unvaccinated or under-vaccinated domestic animal. 

“Keeping dogs up to date on vaccinations not only protects pets, it protects wildlife,” CDFW senior wildlife veterinarian Deana Clifford told NBC Los Angeles. “Wild animals can spread distemper to domestic dogs, but unvaccinated domestic dogs can also spread the disease to wild animals.”

How Distemper is Spread

Vaccination is the first and best line of defense against distemper. This holds true for both domesticated and wild animals. Why? Because unvaccinated dogs can spread the virus to wildlife just as easily as wildlife can spread it to unvaccinated dogs. WebMD says the virus is passed “through direct contact with fresh urine, blood or saliva.” Coughing, sneezing, sharing water or food bowls, and equipment that has living viral matter on it can lead to infection.

little white dog at the vet

Symptoms of Distemper and Risk Factors

The first signs of canine distemper according to WebMD are respiratory and include sneezing, coughing, and thick mucus coming from the eyes and nose. As the infection progresses, infected animals may experience fever, lethargy, sudden vomiting and diarrhea, depression, and loss of appetite. The virus commonly spreads to the brain, causing seizures and trembling. Sometimes, secondary infections occur, such as pneumonia, particularly with dogs who have a weakened immune system.

The best way to protect your dog from canine distemper is to ensure they receive a full series of vaccines. Puppies younger than 8 weeks old are at an especially high risk because they may not have started the series of vaccines, much less have finished them. The American Kennel Club states that vaccination schedules vary and are recommended for each individual dog. However, in general, your dog should receive a distemper vaccine (sometimes a multi-viral vaccine called DHPP) at 6-8 weeks, 10-12 weeks, 14-16 weeks, 12-16 months, and then every 1-2 years thereafter.

Please talk to your vet immediately if you believe your dog has been exposed to distemper. If you are unsure if your dog’s vaccine is up to date, check with your dog’s healthcare provider.

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This Dog Show Celebrates The Glory Of Rescue Dogs

The 144th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show wrapped up this week with Standard Poodle, Siba winning the coveted Best in Show title.

Now that you have seen the finest in pedigree dogs, be sure to watch the country’s greatest underdogs compete in the third annual American Rescue Dog Show!

The adorable event features rescued pups from all walks of life competing in categories such as Best in Underbite, Best in Special Needs, and Best in Couch Potato. In the end, one pooch will be named Best in Rescue and take home $25,000 for their rescue organization!

Image via Instagram @HallmarkChannel

Who Is Competing?

25% of dogs that enter shelters each year are purebred. Since American rescue organizations are open to all dogs, so is the competition. Expect to see young, old, purebred, mixed breed, and even fur friends with disabilities.

Check out all the adorable 2020 finalists here!

When Is The Show?

Just like Westminster, the American Rescue Dog Show is a two-night event that will air on the Hallmark Channel Sunday, February 16 and Monday, February 17 at 8:00pm/7:00 central.

Image via Instagram @HallmarkChannel

What Can You Expect?

Actress, Rebecca Romijn and former NFL quarterback, Rodney Peete will host the event which is set up very similarly to traditional dog shows. Instead of the best in their breed categories, the 72 finalists will vie for titles in the following categories:

  • Best in Belly Rubs
  • Best in Couch Potato
  • Best in Ears
  • Best in Senior
  • Best in Snoring
  • Best in Special Needs
  • Best in Talking
  • Best in Underbite
  • Best in Wiggling
  • Best in Wrinkles

Each category winner will earn a $5,000 prize for the rescue of their choice.

Are you looking to add a rescue dog to your pack? The show’s website is tied into AdoptAPet.com and offers links to shelters and rescue organizations across the country including breed-specific rescues and bonded pairs.

Think your rescue dog has what it takes to bring home the 2021 title? Sign them up for next year’s competition!

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Software Company Invents Genius Way to Save Shelter Dogs Every Time You Do An Internet Search

This new (free) app turns Google Chrome into a tool that helps save shelter dogs!

If you’re like most internet users, you use Google Chrome as your default browser. Now there’s a fun way to help feed shelter dogs every time you do an internet search.

This free Chrome browser extension was made in partnership with iHeartDogs. For every search you make, you help feed shelter pups through GreaterGood.org!

Every time you open a new browser tab, you’re greeted with a new adorable dog picture!

You can also customize the browser extension with your own dog’s picture or your favorite dog breed.


You can choose from 12 popular dog breeds. The app will then rotate photos for that breed only.


With every search, shelter dogs are fed!

The app works by sharing a part of the Bing ad revenue with iHeartDogs which makes donations to feed shelter dogs through their partnership with GreaterGood.org. So far iHeartDogs has donated over 17 million meals to shelters and rescues.

Install The Free Extension

And start saving shelter dogs with every search! 

Please note that the browser extension only works on your desktop computer, not on mobile devices. It can be easily uninstalled at any time.

Install The Free Extension

And start saving shelter dogs with every search! 

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5 Rare Horse Breeds You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

One of the things I love most about being an equestrian is that I can always learn more. In fact, it was my fascination with learning about different horse breeds inspired my Discover the Horse Quest.

During my international travels, I’ve been lucky enough to meet and ride some of the rarest horse breeds in the world. In this article, I’ll introduce you to five types of horses you’ve probably never heard of: 

  • Camarillo White Horse
  • Georgian Grande
  • Nokota
  • Blazer
  • Nez Perce Horse

Thanks to the tireless work of breeders and breed enthusiasts, these rare horses remain part of our shared equestrian story.

#1: Camarillo White Horse

First up is the Camarillo White Horse, the breed originated in southern California. In 1921 Adolfo Camarillo bought a pure white stallion at the Sacramento State Fair — a stallion that would become the foundation for a new breed and start a century-long family tradition.

Camarillos have been used as flashy parade and performance horses, and it’s easy to see why.

They carry a specific gene mutation that prevents the coat from expressing color.

The mutation, which is only found in the Camarillo White Horse, gives them their stunningly white appearance. They are even born white, unlike grey horses that are born dark and lighten with age. 

They’re so white, in fact, they resemble the appearance of magical unicorns! With less than 30 Camarillo White Horses worldwide, they’re about as rare.

camarillo white horse rare breed

Camarillo White Horse (Photo Credit: Discover the Horse)

Famous faces seen riding them included President Harding and movie star Leo Carillo. This breed is used in a wide variety of disciplines from ranch sorting to jumping and dressage.

Check out this video to see me riding a Camarillo White Horse:

See what made our list of best breeds for first-time horse owners.

#2: Georgian Grande

In the 1970s, a man named George Wagner Jr. decided to recreate the original Saddlebred “type” by cross the breed with Drafts and Friesians.

The name means “George’s Great Horse.”

The goal was to combine the graceful elegance of the Saddlebred with the size and temperament of big bone breeds.

Georgian Grande Horse Breed

Georgian Grande (Photo Credit: Discover the Horse)

The International Georgian Grande Horse Registry was started in 1994, and they’re currently popular as performance and family horses. Though still quite rare, you can sometimes spot them at horse shows, in medieval reenactments, in films, and even as police horses.

Fully recognized by the United State Equestrian Federation as a participating breed, this is one breed you may not have heard of before but should remember!

Check out this video to see me riding a Georgian Grande:

#3: Nokota

Our third rare horse breed is the Nokota. In the 1950s, when horses were accidentally fenced into the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, a piece of living history was enclosed within.

The breed is thought to trace back to Sitting Bull’s war ponies.

Their ancestors include early Native American and frontier ranch horses. For at least a century horses lived wild in the rugged area of the Little Missouri Badlands. Harsh winters, hot summers, and tough landscaped in North Dakota made these already tough horses even more durable.

There are less than 1,000 Nokota horses worldwide.

Nokota Rare Horse Breed

Nokota (Photo Credit: Discover the Horse)

In the 1980s, two brothers named Frank and Leo Kuntz started buying horses from the National Park Service round ups in order to save them from slaughter. In 1999 the Nokota Horse Conservancy was created and the breed registry was formed.

Today, Nokotas are used for all types of disciplines, from dressage to mounted shooting. They’re known as sound athletes who develop strong bonds with the people they trust.

Blue roan is the hallmark color of the breed, but they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. 

Check out this video to see me riding a Nokota:

See who made our list of best horse breeds for older riders.

#4: Blazer

Breed number four is the Blazer, which originated in 1967. A man named Neil Hinck bred the first Blazer stallion.

All Blazer horses trace back to one founding sire, “Little Blaze.”

He was a combination of Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Morgan, and Shetland. The foundation stock was hand picked based for conformation and disposition.

Blazer Rare Horse Breed

Blazer (Photo Credit: Discover the Horse)

Blazer horses are efficient, standing only 13-15hh and easy to care for, feed, and maintain. They’re also versatile enough to excel at activities like extreme cowboy races, cow work, and mountain trail riding. Plus, they’re durable enough to keep working well into their twenties without missing a beat!

What endears them to breed enthusiasts most, though, is their undeniably friendly nature.

Check out this video to see me riding a Blazer:

#5: Nez Perce Horse

Our fifth breed is the Nez Perce Horse. The Nez Perce Tribe is known for breeding the Appaloosa, now one of the most popular breeds in the United States. They were one of the first tribes to use selective breeding techniques with their horses.

Nez Perce Rare Horse Breed

Nez Perce Horse (Photo Credit: Discover the Horse)

The Nez Perce War of 1877 resulted in a separation of the tribe and their prized Appaloosas. The Appaloosa became a “lost” breed until 1937 when an article written by a history professor from Idaho was published in the Western Horseman magazine.

Over a century after the war, the equestrian legacy of the Nez Perce tribe was re-invigorated with the arrival of four Akhal-Teke stallions. They were then crossed with Appaloosas to create an entirely new breed.

They called it the Nez Perce Horse to honor the tribe’s history and build new possibilities for the future.

There are a few specialized breeders that occasionally offer horses for sale, like Falling Feather Farm in Idaho. They are bred to be strong and capable athletes. From the trail to the show ring, these horses’ incredible potential is still being discovered.

Check out this video to see me riding a Nez Perce Horse:

Undercover Wonders

Popular horse breeds like the American Quarter Horse and Arabian get a disproportionate amount of attention. But many incredible horses are rare wonders most people have never even heard of. 

Whether you’re a new equestrian or a lifelong rider, it’s time to open your eyes to the wider world of horses with these rare breeds!

Check out the video below for a summary of the breeds featured in this article:

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