Crude “Cuss Collar” Swears When Your Dog Barks

Most of us will spare no expense when it comes to our dogs’ needs. Some of us will also spend way too much on things our dogs absolutely do not need ever. (But they’re soooo cute!) Sweaters with silly sayings, squeaker toys that look like Starbucks cups, heart-shaped treats… all of it.

Today I’ve got some great news for my fellow dog splurgers. You can now buy a collar that shouts out swears every time your dog barks. Yes, swears as in profanity. It’s called the “Cuss Collar.”

Screenshot, @Daniel Greenberg/YouTube


Glad you asked! These collars come from a company called MSCHF, known for their bizarre and hilarious products. Past projects of theirs include a toaster bath bomb (a safe way to be extremely morbid.)

In an interview with Business Insider, CEO and Founder of MSCHF Gabriel Whaley explained his company’s mission.

“Our perspective is everything is funny in a nihilistic sort of way. We’re not here to make the world a better place. We’re making light of how much everything sucks.”

Daniel Greenberg, MSCHF’s head of commerce put it more simply: MSCHF creates pointless fun because they can.

“We build what we want. We don’t care.”

As long as their strange and silly ideas keep coming and people stay interested, they’ll explore more possibilities.


The Cuss Collar contains a speaker that projects sound (in the form of profanity) when your dog barks. 2 AA batteries are required to power it. There’s also a standard attachment ring for your doggie’s tags and other bling.

The Cuss Collar does not function as a shock collar or training device. It’s just for fun and amusement!

MSCHF released a hilarious video demonstrating the product if you’d like to see it in action:


The collars cost $60 (with free shipping.) If you think this all seems silly and pointless, I’ve got more news for you: Cuss Collars are currently sold out. They’re pretty popular!

Despite their wide reach, MSCHF remains a small company with limited resources. Their products often sell out in minutes. They also generate new ones pretty frequently, so who’s to say what crazy thing they come up with tomorrow!

According to the product site, anyone still interested in getting a Cuss Collar for their own pooch can text (917) 970-7424 to receive a notification when the next product drop begins. Check back in around February 25th, 2020 when there should be more available.

For now, if you’ve got the urge to splurge on your pup: might I suggest the iHeartDogs store?

H/T: Fox43
Featured Image: Screenshot, @Daniel Greenberg/YouTube

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I Switched My Browser’s Search Engine & Now It Helps Rescue Dogs Every Time I Search Online

How I turned my Google Chrome browser into a tool that feeds shelter dogs each time I search online

If you’re like me, you try to support local businesses and organizations that donate to animal rescue efforts as much as possible. That’s why I’m so excited about this free Google Chrome extension for my browser. It’s a fun way to help feed shelter dogs every time you do an internet search!

This free Chrome extension was made in partnership with iHeartDogs. For every search you make, you help feed shelter pups through!

Here’s an example of what you see when you open up a new browser tab:

Every time you open a new browser tab, you’re greeted with a new adorable dog picture!

You can also customize the browser extension with your own dog’s picture or your favorite dog breed. You can choose from 12 popular dog breeds. The app will then rotate photos for that breed only.

With every search, shelter dogs are fed!

The app works by sharing a part of the Bing ad revenue with iHeartDogs which makes donations to feed shelter dogs through their partnership with So far iHeartDogs has donated over 17 million meals to shelters and rescues.

Install The Free Extension

And start saving shelter dogs with every search! 

Please note that the browser extension only works on your desktop computer, not on mobile devices. It can be easily uninstalled at any time.

Install The Free Extension

And start saving shelter dogs with every search! 

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You Helped Suki Gain The Strength She Needed To Find Her Forever Home

gg suki cover

iHeartDogs works closely with GreaterGood by donating part of each sale to their various charity efforts. One of the charities, Rescue Bank, works to donate quality dog food to shelters and rescues who are in need. Some organizations could not run without the kind donations from organizations like this, and that’s why your donations are so appreciated.

The Serendipity German Shepherd Dog Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue organization that rescues dogs in the St.Louis area. Their hard-working team of volunteers help to rescue dogs in need, foster and rehabilitate them in their own home, and help find them the forever families that they deserve.

gg suki

With impressive work like this, they can always use a bit of help when it comes to supplies. This was especially true when they welcomed an emaciated pup named Suki into the SGSD Rescue, and spent the next few months helping her gain some much needed weight.

“Dogs that come to us in such an emaciated state need good, quality food, like the food we are able to get from Rescue Bank. We save significantly on the cost of providing this food thanks to the Rescue Bank, which helps us afford needed veterinary treatments and training to assure the dogs a healthy and happy future!” -Serendipity German Shepherd Dog Rescue

gg suki

Suki was found wandering the streets of St.Louis when she was picked up by a local animal shelter. She was dangerously underweight, leading the team to believe that she had been on her own for quite some time. While she did have a microchip, it was not registered to anyone in the area. That’s when the Serendipity German Shepherd Dog Rescue came into the picture and welcomed Suki into their family with open arms.

By offering Suki a quality diet and the TLC she so desperately needed, she was able to put the extra meat on her bones as the months passed. As Suki began to put on weight, it was clear that she was starting to bloom into a spunky and fun-loving pup! She would make a wonderful addition to any active family, and that’s exactly what happened when she finally found her forever home at the end of her recovery.

gg suki

We are so grateful for the hard work that the Serendipity German Shepherd Dog Rescue put into Suki’s care, and have no doubt that she will have a wonderful future going forward.

Image Source: SGSDR/Facebook


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5-Year-Old Saves Family Dog And Entire Family From House Fire

Nine lives were saved, including a dog’s, thanks to the heroic actions of one small boy. Noah Woods did the unthinkable when his quick thinking and bravery saved his entire family from a house fire. Barely old enough for Kindergarten, 5-year-old Noah Woods is now being honored with a medal for saving lives.

Awoken By Flames But Didn’t Hesitate

The young boy was asleep in his room that he shared with his 2-year-old sister, Lilly. An electrical outlet had been overloaded and caused a fire to start in the bedroom. Noah didn’t even have a second thought. He quickly got his sister and helped her climb out of the only exit available – an open window. Once his sister was safe, Noah climbed back into the burning house and rescued his dog!

“I was in my bed. I don’t know where the flames came from,” Noah said.

The brave boy didn’t even think twice or worry about his safety.

“I picked Lilly up, got to the window with Lilly, got the dog and got out. I got myself out,” the tiny hero told


But it didn’t stop there. Noah ran next door to his uncle’s house and woke him up. His uncle then helped get the remaining family members out of the home before the fire department arrived on the scene.

“We’ve seen children alert their families before,” Bartow County Fire Department Chief Dwayne Jamison told CNN. “But for a 5-year-old to be alert enough to do this… that’s pretty extraordinary.”

Noah and four members of his family were treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation. Despite the burns on his hands and arms, his singed hair, and the traumatic events that had just unfolded, Noah was still able to crack an adorable and proud smile from his hospital room.


“By the grace of God, all nine of our loved ones were able to get out of our home,” Noah’s grandfather David Woods posted on GoFundMe. “If it wasn’t for Noah, we may not be here today.”

The Biggest Honors Given To The Smallest Hero

Bartow County Fire Department is honoring Noah with the coveted Lifesaving Award and making him an honorary firefighter. Even Governor Brian Kemp is calling Noah a hero!

A ceremony was held this week where community members gathered in the firehouse bay to honor Noah. In addition to a pretty sweet cake and a cool set of firefighter pajamas, Bartow County Commissioner Steve Taylor made February 14th “Noah Woods Day” in Bartow County. Noah is one incredible little boy who deserves every bit of it!


I’m not crying, you’re crying!

h/t: CNN News
Featured Photo: @BartowCountyFireDepartment/Facebook

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Policeman Spots His Selfie Session With K9 Online & Shares The Pics

As cute as police dogs are, they’re working dogs. They have an important job to do, and sadly, you’re not supposed to pet them or play with them. However, they’re still dogs. They love their families and they can still have fun. Officer Andre Cloyd helped prove this when he decided to take pictures with his loyal dog partner, Zigi. A woman caught him and his dog taking selfies at the airport, and the photos became viral in no time.

Image: Gina Anzaldua Stevenson Facebook

Not only were the two taking selfies together, but after every picture, Cloyd stopped to show the photos to Zigi. He didn’t want to save any photos that his dog didn’t approve of. It truly was a bonding moment between a police officer and his loyal K9.

Caught in the Act

While Cloyd was taking photos with his dog, a woman named Gina Anzaldua Stevenson couldn’t stop watching them. She was in awe with how much the pair seemed to love each other.

Image: Gina Anzaldua Stevenson Facebook

Stevenson took photos of Cloyd taking selfies and shared them in a Facebook group called Dogspotting Society

“I just watched the cop at the airport take a series of selfies with his dog and then stop to show him each one,” posted Stevenson. “I stand corrected, that sweet boy was his partner, not just a dog.”

Her post gained nearly 60,000 likes and about 47,000 shares. All the dog lovers in the group were moved by the amazing bond between the officer and his K9. Everyone responded so positively to these heartwarming photos.

Image: Gina Anzaldua Stevenson Facebook

Cloyd’s Response

Being the dog lover that he is, Cloyd came across the photos on Facebook not long after. He was amused that so many people were touched by the selfies, so he decided to make a post of his own. He ended up sharing the selfies he took in the same Facebook group.

Image: Andre Cloyd Facebook

“Here are the selfies Zigi and I took that you all have asked for!” posted Cloyd.

With the message, Cloyd attached 3 selfies of him with Zigi. The adorable pup appears to be posing for them too! Everyone in the group became even more excited when they saw these touching images.

Image: Andre Cloyd Facebook

Many people assume that police officers and police dogs are just tough professionals that always have to work, but they are so much more than that. Cloyd and Zigi are more than just work partners because they love each other very much. Every dog deserves love and respect, especially dogs that have an important job to do! Zigi is a lucky pup because even though he has to work hard, Cloyd still gives him the love he deserves.

Image: Andre Cloyd Facebook

Featured Image: Gina Anzaldua Stevenson Facebook and Andre Cloyd Facebook

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Proof: Couples Who Love Dogs Together, Stay Together

The results of an exciting new survey by the folks at reveals that when it comes to love between humans, dogs make a big difference. The online pet care service provider released an analysis of data from their large organization of pet care companies. They called the report The Anatomy of Dog Love Report. It’s full of all kinds of affirming information about love, dogs, and dog-loving humans.

Rover Set Out to Find the Connection Between Dog and Human Love is the world’s largest network of pet care providers. They took data from that large pool of providers to look into the “science behind why dogs and humans love each other and how pets impact our romantic relationships.” The survey asks readers, “Did you know that including a dog in your dating profile pic makes you more attractive? Or that getting a dog improves your relationship with your partner?” 

Looking for Love? Snap a Selfie with Your Puppy

If you are in the online dating world you want to find potential matches that mesh well with you. That’s the whole point, right? The world is full of people that are dog people, and those that are not. Showing which side of the fence you stand on can help separate you from the pack and score dates with like-minded dog lovers. It doesn’t even matter all that much if you are pictured with your own dog or a dog buddy. Here are some interesting stats from the survey:

  • 72% of survey respondents said “adding a photo of you and your dog to your dating profile makes you more appealing
  • 52% of respondents would still go out with someone after learning the dog in their profile photos was not their dog compared to only 29% who wouldn’t

Already in Love? Deepen Your Relationship with a Dog’s Love

For those of you already in a bonded relationship with a human, having a dog together can be very beneficial to the health of your relationship. Dogs give you a reason to get out and do things together. They also give you a reason to cuddle close! Having one jointly makes people feel like a real family, which strengthens the bond between all members, humans included. The survey revealed this heart-warming stats about love with a dog:

  • 56% of people in a relationship say they spend more time together because of their dog
  • 71% of respondents say they found their partner more attractive after witnessing their partner care for their dog
  • 86% of people said that having a dog together made them feel like a family unit
  • 67% of respondents said that having a dog increased their confidence in their own parenting skills and that of their partner

Dogs bring love to our lives. We know that already! It’s great to see even more science-backed data in support of the positive role they play in our lives, even in romantic relationships.

Featured Image 24hourdate/Instagram

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Corgi Mix Puppy Experiences Her First Trip To Target & The World Falls In Love

target puppy cover

As a puppy, you’re likely taking in new experiences each day. While some tasks are more exciting than others, a trip to your fur mom’s favorite store can be life changing. This is exactly what happened when a 4-month-old Corgi/Aussie Mix named Zira made her first trip to Target, and the world fell in love with her reaction.

Zira’s dog mom, Jesse Donovan, wanted to bring her pup along on one of her favorite shopping adventures. Though Target has a long list of dedicated shoppers, Jesse had no idea that her pup would be one of them. As soon as Zira rolled into the store with her paws perched on the edge of the cart, it was as if she found her happy place!

target puppy

 “She reminded us so much of Rose from Titanic, the way she leaned against the front of the cart, looking out into the world of Target for the first time! We could tell she loved it so much.” – Jesse

As Zira passed through the aisles, it’s as if she became more excited with each turn. Her jaw literally dropped at the sight of all that Target had to offer, and really, can you blame her?

target puppy

Her adorable reactions caught the attention of multiple Target shoppers that day, giving multiple people an overwhelming urge to come over and meet this smiley pup. If this incredible store discovery wasn’t exciting enough for Zira, making so many new friends certainly sealed the deal.

“While we were turning a corner, this woman shopping saw her and freaked out. She couldn’t stop going on and on about how cute Zira was. Zira just started licking her, and the woman loved it. She even picked Zira up and let her kiss her face!” – Jesse

target puppy

Since Jesse shared Zira’s endearing reaction to their shopping trip, she has gained a long list of adoring followers that keep up with the Donovan Family’s adventures. Jesse and her husband Kasey now have over 50,000 followers on Instagram that keep up with their daily shenanigans and shopping adventures. Zira has an equally adorable Corgi mix sibling, making this account an incredible way to get your daily dose of cute!

target puppy

Since Zira’s first Target trip, she has tagged along on several shopping adventures with her dedicated fur mom. Zira still gets just as excited at the chance to browse through her favorite stores, and sports that same adorable smile that captured the hearts of dog lovers everywhere.

If you want to follow the Donovan family adventures, you can find them on their Instagram account, @itsthedonovans.

Image Source: Itsthedonovans/Instagram


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Westminster Show Dog Loses In Ring But Wins Big Against Cancer

Dolly is an absolutely adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi with an admirable track record in the ring. She earned a spot in the 2020 Westminster Dog Show. At the big show she failed to earn the ribbon needed in her class to advance in the competition. Her humans couldn’t have cared less. You see, Dolly helped her human detect and beat cancer. For that, she won the best prize of all: her companions’s life.

Image Michael Brice-Saddler/Twitter

Dolly Knew Sean Was Sick Before He Did

Two years ago Sean Sullivan was diagnosed with stage 2 colorectal cancer. During the time leading up to his diagnosis, Dolly seemed to sense that something was wrong. She scarcely left his side. If he went upstairs, she followed. If he took a nap, she curled up beside him. Dolly acted like a little shadow, not wanting to let Sean leave her sight. Eventually Sean became too ill to work and went to the doctor. That is when he and wife Ann learned what Dolly seemed to know innately. Sean was seriously ill.

It is not uncommon for dogs to detect cancer, even in the very early stages. In fact, promising research shows that some dogs can be trained to do just that much like other working dogs are trained to sniff out explosives, drugs, or lost people. When it comes to detecting cancer in people they know, the strong sense of smell and the close emotional connection they have to bonded humans both seem to be at play.

Image Michael Brice-Saddler/Twitter

Dolly’s Doting Attention Helped Sean Stay Positive Through Treatment

Sam’s stage 2 colorectal cancer would require aggressive treatment. He needed 6 months of chemotherapy, 28 radiation treatments, and 2 surgeries. His medical team advised him that his outlook would play a critical role in his recovery. Although we do not entirely understand how it works, a positive attitude helps us overcome all manner of illness and ailment, including cancer.

Dolly’s role was clear. She would serve up love, attention, affection, and promise that would bolster Sean’s confidence and help him stay on track with a positive outlook. Ann was Dolly’s usual handler but her attention needed to be turned to Sean. The couple asked Sue King to step in and show Dolly at Westminster qualifying events throughout the year. Dolly earned title after title and rose in the AKC ranks countrywide. Eventually, Dolly won her right to compete at Westminster. Her performance was instrumental to the mental outlook Sean and Ann needed to fight.

Ann told the Washington Post, “Every win from the road, every ribbon, we could just take our mind off cancer,” she said through tears. “It put us on a different plane. When you’re going through cancer, fighting it and trying to stay positive, everything helps.”

Sean chimed in regarding Dolly’s performance at the big show, “There’s so much more to her than walking around a ring, oh my God!”

Featured Image Michael Brice-Saddler/Twitter

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Ball Player’s Shocking Post Calls Rescue Dog “Too Much To Handle”

Minor league baseball player, Austin Conway adopted his dog, Stella four years ago.

Ever since, the German Shepherd mix has been “shedding all over my bed and clothes,” “wanting to go outside at the most inconvenient times,” and even stealing food right off Conway’s plate. 

Image via Facebook/Austin Conway

In addition to her naughty behavior, caring for Stella is quite costly.

“It’s even harder to find an apartment to live in that will take her, since she is a German Shepherd mix. Generally, I always end up paying a higher rent, because only select apartments accept her.”

All this doggy drama led Conway to author a viral Facebook post. “Really hate to be making this post right now… My girl Stella is just too much to handle sometimes,” it begins.

Image via Facebook/Austin Conway

After listing Stella’s shortcomings, Conway’s post comes to a difficult conclusion:

“So, I have came to the decision that I will not be giving her up. I will continue to deal with pet hair on all of my belongings. I will continue to get out of bed at 6 am or midnight when she’s begging me to go out even though I just took her. I will continue dealing with a food thief. I will continue to base my living situation off of her for as long as she’s alive. And I will continue making any sacrifice I SIGNED UP FOR when I adopted her over 4 years ago.”

Image via Facebook/Austin Conway

He goes on to promise that Stella will always have a home with him “no matter what city I move to, however many children I have, or how much of a pain in my a** she can be.”

“She’s family, and if you don’t view an animal in this same way, please do us all a favor and don’t get a pet until you do.”

Image via Facebook/Austin Conway

Just one week after his post went live, it has nearly 450,000 likes, 62,000 comments, and 290,000 shares. In a follow-up post, Conway says he is “blown away” by the response from dog lovers all over the world.

“It’s been amazing seeing how far this message has spread, and to see how many others feel the same way about their pets,” he wrote. “I’ve had endless amounts of comments and messages thanking me for speaking out, and some telling of the struggles they have with their dogs and that the post was just what they needed to hear to gain some patience.”

Image via Facebook/Austin Conway

Conway hopes his words will continue to inspire dog parents to ride out the bad times and appreciate all the love and laughter dogs bring to our lives.

“Whatever you’re going through with your pet, good times and bad, it will always be worth it.”

H/T to

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