Tuckered Out Pittie Pup Seeks Out Fluffiest Playmates To Nap On

To quote that Bill Withers song, “we all need somebody to lean on.” A snuggly Pit puppy from Green Bay, Wisconsin has taken that metaphorical saying to literal extremes. Her name is Edna and she loves to lean on other dogs. Well, more like sleep on.

This smart girl manages to find the fluffiest nearby dog to lie down on. At her doggie daycare, she has many options to choose from. Photos of the tiny pup napping on her cushy friends went viral, due to them being obscenely cute. Brianna Gottfried, a human member of Edna’s family, shared the daycare pickup photos on Instagram.

“Does anyone else’s pup look for the fluffy dogs to snuggle with???” -@brigottfried/Instagram


The photos show Edna lying on top of or next to several fluffy pups. Gottfried told The Dodo her playmates don’t seem to mind. They’d play a bed for Edna anytime.

“All the dogs seem to enjoy the snuggling company. Even the tiny wiener dogs.” 

To Edna, no part of the dog can’t be used as a bed. She climbs on some dogs’ backs. Other dogs’ tails serve as a cozy spot. All that matters is whether she sleeps touching another creature.


Edna doesn’t discriminate by size either. She’ll snuggle with anyone who will let her. Her mom always has to drag her away from her companion at the end of the day.

“When it’s time to go home I always have to peel her off of another dog.”


Even though Edna grew in size, her habits stayed the same. She still seeks out a fellow canine to rest her head (and body) upon. She also finds comfort with her hairless cat siblings.


Gottfried eventually took the hint and ended up making Edna her very own Instagram. Go ahead and give that a follow! I personally look forward to seeing all of her future cuddle buddies.


How could anyone look at these photos and say Pit Bulls are inherently aggressive dogs? For most of their existence, this breed went by the nickname “Nanny dogs.” Their sweet, affection nature made them great companions for children. They also make loyal, dedicated family members who aim to please.

These photos of Edna snuggling with anyone who lets her say it all. Pit Bulls make excellent cuddle buddies. Sometimes it’s just their idea first.

H/T: The Animal Rescue Site
Featured Image: @brigottfried/Instagram

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Abandoned Puppy Finally Finds Comfort With Human Baby

A little boy named Ian and an adorable dog named Callie are best friends. They grew up side by side, and they’re about the same exact age. Their special bond started when they were both only 3 months old.

When Callie was just a puppy, she was abandoned by her first family. She was left tied to a fence all alone. She whimpered for help until a kind man came to the rescue. He adopted the little puppy and brought her to meet 3-month-old Ian. Callie and Ian hit it off right away, and their family has an adorable video to prove it!

Callie’s new family never knew the truth behind her past, but it was clear that she wasn’t treated properly. When they brought Callie into their home for the first time, she didn’t even know how to lie down. She seemed incredibly sleepy, but she was just too scared and stressed to rest properly. However, that was before she met Ian.

Image: Screenshot, Cute Animals YouTube

A Baby and His Dog

Callie’s new parents placed her right beside baby Ian. Ian was fast asleep on a cute dinosaur blanket, so his parents figured Callie could nap with him. They started recording Callie and Ian’s initial interactions to see what would happen.

At the start of the video, Callie refuses to take a peaceful nap. She sits upright, trying her best to force herself to stay awake. Her eyes keep slowly drifting closed, but she always wakes herself back up before she can fully fall asleep.

Image: Screenshot, Cute Animals YouTube

Finally, Callie gets adventurous. She moves to the other side of the blanket, closer to Ian. She slowly scoots next to the sleeping baby until she finally decides to get some well-deserved sleep. Then, she curls up right beside him and rests her head on top of his head. 

For the first time since she arrived at her new home, she looks completely comfortable. It’s clear that the little dog and the young baby are destined to be best friends. Their parents are so grateful that they were able to catch this heartwarming moment on camera.

Image: Screenshot, Cute Animals YouTube

Where Are They Today?

True best friends stay side by side for their whole lives. So, 3 years later, Ian and Callie’s mom decided to post an update video about the two of them. Sure enough, they are still extremely close. 

In the video, Ian wants to give Callie a treat. The now full-grown dog gets excited when she sees a dog cookie in the young boy’s hands. She comes over to him and he tells her to sit.

Image: Screenshot, Cute Animals YouTube

After Callie sits on command, he hands the treat to her. She gently takes it from him, careful not to hurt him in any way. Then, he repeatedly tells his best friend what a good girl she is.

There’s no bond like the relationship between a kid and their dog. Callie and Ian make that very clear in both their videos. They’re so lucky to have each other, and hopefully, they will always stay such good friends. Click here to see their video update.

You Can View The Original Video Below:

H/T: ilovemydogsomuch.tv
Featured Image: Screenshot, Cute Animals YouTube

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Anxious Pit Bull Finds Passion and Confidence Hiking with New Dad

Penni’s early life was awful. She spent her first years in the basement of a drug house until she was abandoned. Rescue group Fur Friends in Need saved her from a kill shelter just before she was scheduled to be euthanized. That’s where she found her forever companion, Dog Dad Blaine DeLuca. Her life started down a brand new path filled with adventure, fresh air, and nature.

Image Penni Dog/Instagram

Penni Spent 6 Months Learning to Trust Her New Dad

Fur Friends in Need were very upfront with Blaine about Penni’s anxiety and lack of trust. They told him that it would take time for her to gain confidence and connect with Blaine. After all, she had been unloved and potentially abused for the first years of her life. Penni was nervous and distrustful as a result. But Blaine was very patient. For the first six months of their life together, Penni wouldn’t even make eye contact with Blaine. Things improved slowly but surely.

Image Penni Dog/Instagram

Penni and Blaine Started Taking Easy Trail Hikes

Blaine is an adventurous guy who loves being outdoors. He started taking Penni out on easy nature trails to help her calm down. The positive response was immediate. Penni became more at ease and relaxed out in the forest. Blaine told USA Today, “I started taking her on small nature trails during daylight hours in order to help her relax. She immediately responded. She was an entirely different dog when we were in the solitude of the forest.”

**Love hiking with dogs? Follow our Hiking with Dogs Instagram!**

Image Penni Dog/Instagram

A Move to Las Vegas Meant Harder, Longer Hikes

Blaine and Penni moved from New Jersey to Las Vegas. There were more adventurous hiking opportunities around Vegas and the pair took full advantage! They started taking longer, harder, hikes. Penni’s confidence grew by leaps and bounds. She and Blaine fearlessly attacked any terrain. Penni would jump, climb, and hike independently. Blaine outfitted her with protective footwear and strapped a doggie backpack on her to carry supplies. She loved every bit of it!

Over time, she became more and more daring. She repelled down a rock wall perfectly relaxed and calm. She rode on her dad’s back down a waterfall. Cliffs, cracks, and mountaintops became her stomping ground. Blaine told USA Today, “She is well-versed in long-distance hiking, high elevations, rappelling, cliff-side scrambles, and even has a little experience zip-lining. There is no terrain she cannot handle!”

Blaine and Penni are an inspiration! Do you hike with your dog? Follow other hiking dogs and their adventurous humans on our fresh Instagram page, Hiking With Dogs!

Featured Image Penni Dog/Instagram
H/T ilovemydogsomuch.tv

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18 Memes That All Dog Parents Will Laugh At

Even during the most difficult times, dogs are always there for us. They are always around to make our day and bring a smile to our face. They also do plenty of silly, unexplainable things that make us love them even more.

Dog memes are a great way to relieve stress in life. Many dog parents can closely relate to the creative memes of dogs doing silly things. These images might not be funny to the rest of the world, but any dog parent will be sure to laugh at them. So, here are some dog memes to brighten your day.


Image: @alrightmom/Facebook

Just admit it, it’s so hard not to give your dog snacks. They’re just too cute to resist!


Image: @puppiesmmhappy/Facebook

Dogs are so incredible without even trying! Do they even understand how cute they are?


Image: @dogsbeingbasic/Instagram

You’re probably guilty of taking way too many pictures of your dog. After all, why wouldn’t someone want to see a picture of them?


Image: @dogsbeingbasic/Instagram

If you have a heavy chewer, dog toys probably don’t last long in your home. But your dog just can’t get over the fact that you throw the toy remains away!


Image: @dogsbeingbasic/Instagram

If you have more than one dog, it’s likely that they compete for the most attention. This dog knows what he’s doing!


Image: @lexniko/Instagram

What could possibly be better than dinner with an adorable pup?


Image: @dognamedstella/Instagram

Nothing gets a dog’s attention like some tasty table scraps or someone opening a bag of chips!


Image: @puppiesmmhappy/Facebook

After all, no one is better than your loyal dog.


Image: Doggo Memes Facebook

Be careful who you leave your dog with. They might come back extra spoiled!


Image: @DogMemeshaha/Facebook

Sometimes you need to come up with a secret code to keep your dog calm. However, your dog might figure it our sooner or later!


Image: @meglizf/Twitter

Dog’s hear it so often than they must think pretty highly of themselves! But it’s okay because we love them.


Image: @dogsbeingbasic/Instagram

Hopefully seeing him brightens your day!


Image: @ThinkDogByDelca/Facebook

Dogs like to pack lightly for travel. Of course, they can’t go anywhere without their favorite stick!


Image: @DogMemeshaha/Facebook

Any dog lover knows that dogs are our babies. Other people might not understand, but dogs deserve all the love and attention in the world!


Image: @zippydynamics/Facebook

Our dogs think they’re protecting us from a crazy murderer at night, but all they do is wake us up from some well-deserved sleep. Luckily, they’re so cute that we can’t stay mad!


Image: @dogsbeingbasic/Instagram

No matter how big or small your dog is, they always seem to find a way to take up all the space! Yet we can’t seem to sleep without them by our sides.


Image: @dogsbeingbasic/Instagram

Being pet just never gets old for dogs. Luckily, we never get sick of petting them!


Image: @puppiesmmhappy/Facebook

Seeing adorable dogs just always makes us smile! Hopefully all these silly dog memes made you smile too!

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Featured Image: Doggo Memes Facebook, @DogMemeshaha/Facebook, and @dogsbeingbasic/Instagram

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Bulldog Puppy Being Baby-Talked To Demands Respect

Sometimes controlling that baby-talk voice you use to interact with your dog can be tough. We can’t help it, they’re just so tiny and cute! The “voice” is basically a reflex. Whoever filmed an adorable viral video of a Bulldog puppy has this issue too.

In the video that boasts hundreds of thousands of views, an extremely tiny puppy named Greta gives some sass to her person. Her human sits on the couch, babbling at her in the “voice.” From the floor below, she replies to him in little barks as she runs around frantically.

Screenshot, @fastassbass509/Rumble

This little gal is a feisty one. Her person tries his best to interpret her squeaks. Maybe she does not like her new name, he wonders aloud to her. She yips and growls back in her high-pitched puppy voice.

Greta continues to bark with an attitude. Either she won’t be spoken to in this way or she wants something and just doesn’t know English. Who knows.

Screenshot, @fastassbass509/Rumble

Her dad’s next guess: she just wants to be up on the couch with him. He reaches down to pick her up. She looks so tiny inside his human hand!

Screenshot, @fastassbass509/Rumble

Well, that did it. It turns out that’s what Greta really wanted all along. Finally, she seems satisfied with her spot on the couch. No more tiny barks from this content girl.

Screenshot, @fastassbass509/Rumble

Don’t just take my word though. Watch this absolute gem of a video for yourself below:

Should You Adopt A Bulldog Puppy?

Obviously, Bulldog puppies are adorable. But should you adopt one for yourself? There are a few things about Bulldogs you should know before you consider adopting one.

Even though they’re short, these dogs are stronger than they look. Adult Bulldogs typically weigh between 40 and 50 pounds. These dogs must remain at a healthy weight, as they are subject to joint issues. You’ll need to make sure they get proper exercise. Some Bulldogs require more regulated diets to prevent digestive issues.

English Bulldogs like Greta love attention, and you should be prepared to give it to them! They’re also pretty good with kids and can handle rough play.

If all that sounds good to you, look into The Bulldog Rescue Network! That way, you can adopt a breed you love while helping abandoned or homeless dogs.

Okay, I’m just going to go rewatch that video a few hundred more times.

H/T: ilovemydogsomuch
Featured Image: Screenshot, @fastassbass509/Rumble

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Country Star Lee Brice Adopts Rescue Dog

You might expect someone of financial means or celebrity to purchase a purebred animal from a breeder. That’s not the way country music star and “Rumor” singer Lee Brice does it though. This week he and his family rescued a dog in need.

Buck, an 11-month-old Beagle, probably doesn’t even know he’s a member of a famous family. He’s just happy to have a family to call his own now. Buck permanently joins Brice, his wife, and their three children (two boys and a baby girl.) The family had been looking to adopt a Beagle and fell in love after seeing a video of Buck. The rest is history.


Buck came to the Brices by way of The Healthy Hearts And Paws Project. This organization specializes in dogs with heartworm that need care and placement. Heartworm can be deadly, but most dogs can be successfully treated. You can also implement prevention measures to protect your pup.

Jason Cooke of The Healthy Hearts And Paws Project pointed out that dogs and people can help each other out during this trying time. Now is a great time to rescue!

“The circumstances are very dire out there right now, but the dogs and cats sitting in shelters could really help people by providing love and companionship.”

Cooke personally took the drive with Buck down from Ohio to Nashville where his new family lives. He posted updates of their journey to the Music City, building anticipation over who Buck’s forever family might be.

#Buck and I getting are ready to hit the road and get him to his #forever home in the Music City…” -The Healthy Hearts And Paws Project on Facebook


Even during the uncertain time of the coronavirus outbreak, Cooke vows to continue delivering supplies, heartworm treatments, and facilitating adoptions.

Lee Brice’s Love Of Dogs

The singer has shown himself to be a dog lover over the years. He’s an experienced dog parent and champions dog-related causes. Brice performed in a benefit concert for the Pedigree Foundation.


Back in 2017, he took to his social media platforms for help when 2 of his pups went missing from their farm in Franklin, TN. Luckily, with help, the family dogs returned home.

Clearly, Buck will be in good, loving hands for the rest of his life. Congratulations buddy!


Whether you’re a successful country singer or a regular working Joe, adopting a rescue dog improves multiple lives. Adopt, don’t shop!

Featured Image: @heartwormwarrior/Facebook

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11-Year-Old Twitter Star Virtually Pets Dogs During COVID

11-year-old Gideon Kidd is the genius behind the social media page titled “I’ve Pet That Dog”. For about 3 years, Gideon has gone around petting dogs and posting photos of them on social media. Fans loved seeing all these adorable canines, but with the coronavirus pandemic currently in place, it’s difficult for Gideon to continue his project.

So, Gideon decided to continue petting dogs virtually. Even though we need to stay inside, Gideon knew that he could still share his love for dogs on social media.

Image: @IvePetThatDog/Facebook

Petting Dogs Virtually

As the coronavirus situation began to get more serious, Rachel Braunigan, Gideon’s mom, decided that it was time to stop going outside to pet dogs. Usually, Gideon and his mom would go on walks or drive around to find dogs to pet. They always asked the families for information and stories about each dog. However, it’s hard to do that when you have to stay inside.

“With all that is going on right now, it seems wise for us to stay home as much as possible. Gideon is not giving up his project. But for the time being, he may have to make some changes,” posted Braunigan.

His mom went on to explain that Gideon would love to see pictures of everyone’s dogs instead. Before long, tons of fans began sending adorable pictures of their dogs to Gideon. Gideon and his mom soon became overwhelmed with adorable dogs to ‘pet’.

Image: @IvePetThatDog/Facebook

Every day, Gideon selects at least one dog that he would love to pet. It’s a hard choice since every dog is so cute, but he does his best to make a decision. Then, his mom prints off the dog’s photo and takes a picture of Gideon holding it.

Finally, Gideon makes a post introducing the dog that he’d like to pet. He gets some information about the dog from their family and introduces all his fans to the adorable dogs.

Gideon likes to choose a wide variety of dogs for his social media. He picks dogs of all different breeds, ages, and personalities. He has even showcased some dogs that are currently up for adoption.

Image: @IvePetThatDog/Facebook

Submit Your Dog’s Photo to Gideon!

Gideon is always looking for more dogs to ‘pet’ on his social media. So, feel free to send him a message with a cute photo of your dog. You can view his page on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

Of course, Gideon and his mom can’t respond to every single message they receive even though they want to. They are overwhelmed by the number of dogs to choose from, but they are ultimately grateful that they can continue this amazing project. Plus, Gideon loves seeing pictures of all the dogs.

Image: @IvePetThatDog/Facebook

“I feel happy about that. It’s kind of fun and nice,” said Gideon. “I really do miss petting dogs, but at least I still get to see the dogs, and I get to learn about the dogs.”

Gideon will continue to brighten people’s days with photos of dogs he’d like to pet. Being stuck at home isn’t going to stop him from loving dogs. Of course, when this quarantine is over, Gideon will go back to petting dogs in person too. All dogs deserve love and affection, so this young boy is determined to give them that.

Image: @IvePetThatDog/Facebook

H/T: thegazette.com
Featured Image: @IvePetThatDog/Facebook

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Dog Was Never Supposed to Walk Again, But Beat All Odds

Bubba the Black Lab was an energetic, goofy, fun-loving member of the Flynn family. He was a healthy and happy five-year-old dog when life changed dramatically in a moment. Bubba and Joe Flynn were out in the yard playing fetch one day at their Bozeman home. Joe lobbed the ball into the air, Bubba took off towards it, and then suddenly collapsed on the ground. Bubba had suffered a canine fibrocartilaginous embolism, or Canine FCE. 

Image Courtesy the Flynn Family

Bubba Received a Devastating Prognosis

After Bubba fell to the ground, a shocked Joe scooped Bubba into his arms and rushed him to a veterinary clinic. It took a few days to obtain the correct diagnosis, but the family learned that Bubba had suffered a Canine FCE. A Canine FCE occurs when blood vessels or arteries in the spinal cord are blocked. The prognosis is devastating. The Flynn family was told that Bubba would never be able to move his head or tail again, much less stand on his own legs and walk. They were crushed with the news. But they were also determined to let Bubba fight for his life!

Bubba Stuns Medical Team with the Wag of a Tail

Joe and the rest of the Flynn family decided that as long as Bubba was free from pain, they would give him time to recover. They believed that Bubba could get better with the help of his medical team. Bubba lived at the vet clinic, receiving around the clock care. One day, Joe walked in to visit Bubba at the clinic and Bubba blew the entire team away. When Bubba saw Joe, he wagged his tail! It was his first movement since the embolism and a major milestone in his recovery.

Image Courtesy the Flynn Family

Bubba Army Crawls to Get Closer to Pizza

Showing determination and a love of pizza, Bubba’s next big leap forward involved an army crawl and a smattering of pizza boxes. The vet team had ordered a ton of pizza and the boxes were littered along the floor in the room where Bubba was relaxing. Smelling an opportunity for some fun (and maybe a discarded crust) Bubba dragged his body across the floor inch by inch. One of the vets came back into the room to find Bubba happily tearing up a greasy pizza box.

Image Courtesy the Flynn Family

Bubba Walked Again Just Three Months Later

Seeing that Bubba had a fighting chance to fully recover, the vets built a special walker for him. It was crafted from PVC pipe and masking tape. Bubba pushed on, willing himself to walk. Just three months after the frightening ordeal began, Bubba was completely recovered. He wagged his tail, shook his head, walked, and even ran again. Bubba went on to live to the age of 13. Joe wrote the story of Bubba’s miracle recovery and happily ever after in his book, The Miracle of Bubba.

The Flynn family’s story is a sweet reminder that when things get difficult, we need to dig in. Rather than give up, we need to have hope. Even against the worst odds imaginable, we can rise again.

Featured Image Courtesy of the Flynn Family
H/T montanarightnow.com

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Ohio Animal Shelter Emptied (In A Good Way) During COVID-19

Even though dogs can’t contract COVID-19 to our knowledge, many have been impacted by the outbreak. Animal shelters are, after all, staffed by people who are susceptible to the virus. With less staff available and an increase in owner surrenders, shelter animals suffer too. Not to mention, people no longer venture into shelters looking to adopt.

These days, social media is a vital tool for interacting with our community. The Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton, Ohio took advantage of this for their animals’ sake. They issued a plea on Facebook for fosters and adopters.

“Temporary foster homes are needed for our animals, as well. This is the perfect opportunity to help your local humane society while you’re at home for an extended period of time! Are your kids driving you crazy already? Foster a dog and have the kiddos spend the next several weeks working on obedience training. It’s a win-win!”


Animal Friends announced a week-long adoption event: “Name Your Price”! Interested adopters could choose the amount they wanted to spend on a cat or dog. They just needed to pay a $14.75 license fee for dogs.

In just four days, all but 8 of the dogs in the shelter had gone home or to fosters. Photos of empty dog and cat kennels illustrate the power of community support.


Now the shelter has room to take in more strays and surrenders. Plus, so many dogs, cats, and people will be content and loved during this difficult time.


The shelter thanked their kindhearted community on Facebook.

“The last 4 days have been busy and exciting! It’s so uplifting to see family after family offering up their homes to a foster animal. This not only lessens the burden on our staff and volunteers, but more importantly it ensures those animals will not have to endure the majority of their days alone in the shelter should we be forced to close down.”

Even when people step up like this to help out their local shelter, new animals continue to come in. Anyone looking to save a life and have some company during this time still can! Many shelters offer free supplies and care for their foster animals. Contact your nearby shelter to find out which animals are available.

We can all use someone to cuddle with right now, especially if you’re used to sleeping alone on a kennel floor. Help replicate this story in your community!

Featured Image: @AnimalFriendsHS/Facebook

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UPDATE: 2-Legged Lieutenant Dan Is Officially The Next Cadbury Bunny!

Some of you might remember a special Treeing Walker Coonhound named Lieutenant Dan. A few weeks ago, I wrote about this two-legged pup from Ohio and his quest to become the next Cadbury Bunny. Lieutenant Dan was born with a severe defect that left his back legs unusable. As a puppy, his family made the decision to improve his quality of life and have them amputated. His tail was also amputated.

The wheelchair-bound pup’s energy and joy never faltered. He became an obvious choice for a finalist in the confectionery company’s annual Easter time competition. Lieutenant Dan’s fellow finalists included a llama named Codswalla and a pig named Ducksong.

Well, the people have spoken and the votes have been tallied. Cadbury officially crowned Lieutenant Dan as their new Cadbury Bunny!


The competition was tough, but this cutie emerged victorious. Through the pup’s Instagram account, his family thanked voters and fans for their support.

“We can not thank everyone enough for all of your support through this process! It has been amazing and we are all so excited and proud of our Lieutenant Dan!”


As the winner, Lieutenant Dan will appear in a Cadbury Easter commercial. His family receives $5000 (hopefully to spend spoiling him.) I know it’s taboo to talk politics, but I’m proud to say I voted for this guy. Congrats Lieutenant Dan!


Original Post From 3/10/20 Below:

One of the reasons we love dogs so much is their natural tendency to constantly find joy in life. Even faced with physical disabilities, they’ll always go crazy for treats and outdoor sniffs and belly rubs. Lieutenant Dan, a Coonhound living with just two legs, exemplifies this doggie “joie de vivre” perfectly.

Lieutenant Dan never lets his absent limbs get in the way of a good time. The pup was born with a severe defect, leaving both his hind limbs and tail deformed and unusable. When he was just 6 months old, his hind legs were removed. Shortly after, he lost his tail as well. LD’s people explained the need for his surgery in a 2018 post on his Instagram:

“After seeing the surgeon and neurologist it was recommended to amputate both hind limbs. This will provide better quality of life for me by preventing sores that would eventually form on my legs, taking weight off my spine and helping to keep me more clean (my legs get in the way during potty time!)”


The name “Lieutenant Dan” does, in fact, refer to the character from Forrest Gump who also had his legs amputated. This pup differs from the character in that he doesn’t need to be taught how to adjust his attitude! The wheelchair never slows this boy down.


Two-legged Lieutenant Dan had already learned to carry himself around with his front paws before his surgery. He also does swim therapy to strengthen his muscles.

These dogs are hunters by nature, and that energy still gets channeled into LD’s toys.


He zooms around in his wheelchair and enjoys frolicking on the beach and in the yard. A video of Lieutenant Dan enjoying a beach day actually went viral back in 2019.

This infectious joy in the face of adversity caught the attention of many, including Cadbury. They have named him a 2020 finalist in the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts!


About The Cadbury Bunny Tryouts

Whichever lucky animal wins the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts gets to appear in an Easter commercial. The annual competition is now down to its 10 finalists. Lieutenant Dan numbers among them. He competes alongside a pig named Ducksong, a chunky kitty named Lunchbox, a miniature horse named Ricky Bobby, and more cuties.


You can vote for Lieutenant Dan (or one of the other contestants) by signing in with your email address. Voting continues now through March 18th, so make your voice heard before then!

How you vote will be up to you! What they ask of these contestants is low; they pretty much just need to look cute in a pair of bunny ears (and they all do.) Actual bunnies seem to be ineligible, for obvious advantage reasons.

If you need a bit of guidance, I proudly endorse Lieutenant Dan this year! But I must admit I’d be happy with any of these winners.

H/T: My Recipes
Featured Image: @lieutenant_dan_the_twc/Instagram

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